123 Lawsuit Loans

Get the lowest interest rate legal funding to pay for the expenses caused due to personal injury and relevant litigation.

Cases We Fund

FELA Lawsuit Loan

Get funds for any construction accident.

Mass Tort Lawsuit

Money for BSA, JUUL, Roundup lawsuit.

Car Accident Loans

Easy cash advances for accident lawsuits.

Slip & Fall Claims

Quick funds for slip & fall accident lawsuit

Get Lawsuit Loans in 123 Steps

Easy Money To Settle Bills

If you have a pending personal injury or product liability case and you are having trouble meeting your financial obligations: depend on 123 Lawsuit Loans. Lawsuits take time, it is a common legal defense tactic to drag them out. But you do not need to struggle financially as you wait for your cash settlement.

We are here to provide bridge loans for people who need some help while waiting for a pending lawsuit settlement. 123 Lawsuit Loans will loan you the money for financial security until your case settles.

And if you lose the case?

You will owe us NOTHING, that is the risk we take.

It Is Simple & Quick; Consider this:

  • No upfront fees.
  • No fees at all until your case is settled
  • No credit check
  • 100% confidential

Years Established

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Cases We Fund

Personal Injury Lawsuit

Cases of personal injury can take too long to work through courts and settlement negotiations. 

Car Accident Lawsuit

After a car crash, a car accident loan can help you pay for medical expenses quickly and get back on your feet.

Product Liability Claims

Lawsuits against large companies over product debt problems can last a long time and require lots of money.

We are providing lawsuit loans for more than 12 years

Lawsuit Loans in “123” Steps


1. Apply

Apply online or call us to speak to a friendly, funding consultant

2. Approval

In as little as 24hrs you may receive your lawsuit cash advance

3. Get Funded

Once approved receive your lawsuit loan the same day

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Act now and have your cash in as little as 24 hours

If you have a pending personal injury lawsuit and your bills are piling up, look no further than 123 Lawsuit Loans for a lawsuit advance.

How do I get a cash advance?
Through a simple process, you complete an application and we review it, along with information about your case we receive from your attorney. If we accept you as a client, we’ll provide you with a cash advance as soon as the necessary paperwork has been completed.
When will I receive the funds?

You will receive the funds as quickly as possible after you’ve been approved, in many cases within 24 hours. We know you need the money now and we work quickly to try to accommodate you.

What type of information we need to evaluate my case?
In addition to your completed application, we’ll need information from your attorney regarding the details and status of your case. We will request that information directly from your attorney.
How does 123 Lawsuit Loans decide who is eligible for loan?
We base our decision-making on the merits of your case. We are risking our money on the outcome, so we need to strongly believe that you will receive a settlement that enables you to pay us back. If your case does not settle, and we’ve already provided you with an advance, you don’t owe us anything.
Will I have to sign any documents?
Yes. We will provide you with an agreement that clearly explains our arrangement, including the amount we are advancing you, the fee you will pay and the repayment process.
Will my attorney be required to sign any documents?
Yes. Your attorney must be part of this process and he or she will need to sign our agreement.
Do I have to make monthly payments?
No. The whole idea behind getting an advance is to free you from financial woes during the time it takes to settle your case. Once your case has settled, you will need to repay your advance plus our fee.
Are there any up-front fees?
No. There is no cost at all to you to apply for an advance. Our fee only comes into play once you have been accepted as a client and you case settles.
What’s difference between an advance and a loan?
A loan must be repaid, while an advance is contingent on the outcome of your case. So if you don’t settle, you don’t owe us anything.